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C# earns the most in the popularity index of programming languages

Microsoft’s C# programming language posted the biggest 12-month gain in popularity, according to the May 2022 TIOBE index.

After pledging to compete for TIOBE’s “Programming Language of the Year” award last December, C# ultimately failed, coming in second behind Python.

But now the surge continues, with the May 2022 report noting that C# has “far” surpassed other languages ​​as of May 2021.

TIOBE index for May 2022
[Click on image for larger view.] TIOBE index for May 2022 (source: TIOBE index).

“His ranking has increased by almost 2% over the past 12 months,” TIOBE said. “C# is one of the most mature programming languages ​​out there, supporting many modern programming paradigms. Until recently, its only downside was that its Linux support was questionable, but that’s changing rapidly over the past couple of years. So there is a good chance that C# could enter the top 3 of the TIOBE index by replacing C.”

Indeed, regarding the “rapidly evolving” Linux claim, Microsoft’s guidance released details last month on how to “install .NET on Linux distributions.” However, full Linux support is still not here, as Microsoft also notes that “Visual Studio 2022 lets you build and debug apps for Linux using C++, Python, and Node.js.” Developers can take a few steps to use MonoDevelop and Visual Studio Code for C# Linux programming.

Despite C#’s main 12-month percentage increase in the May 2022 TIOBE Index, C# remained in its fifth spot, with the only changes in the top 10 being Python overtaking C for the top spot, and SQL overtaking PHP to move from tenth to ninth place.

The TIOBE Index ranking is based on results from search engines that measure the number of qualified engineers worldwide, courses, and third-party vendors to determine the languages ​​in which the most lines of code are written.

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