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Learning to code could be the answer if you’re looking for a new job with a high-paying company. “Can you acquire a student loan for coding bootcamps?” you might worry, given the upfront expenditure that continuing education necessitates.

Fortunately, you’ll almost certainly be able to get a loan to pay for your coding bootcamp. In addition, some bootcamps offer income-share agreements, in which you commit to providing the school a percentage of your earnings for a set number of years after you graduate. Given the high incomes that software engineers, web developers, and peers earn, this technique could be a sensible way to fund your program and kickstart your career.

If you’re seeking to figure out if you can receive student loans to attend a coding bootcamp so you can learn to code and enhance your earning potential, we’ve put together a list of six techniques to assist you.

Is it possible to acquire a student loan to attend a coding bootcamp?

An intensive training program for web or software developers is a coding bootcamp. 

Coding schools like Bloc, the Flatiron School, and General Assembly, for example, may get you ready for a high-paying job in as little as a few months. After graduation, you’ll qualify for an entry-level coding position.

However, because many bootcamps are managed by for-profit companies, they are often ineligible for federal financial help, including student loans. However, there are other options for obtaining a student loan for a coding bootcamp or financing your program. Here are six ideas for you:

Look at other payment options.

Tuition payment plans are available at some colleges. Some will let you spread out your payments over several months rather than paying everything all at once. If needed, Bloc also provides extensions.

You’ll still have to come up with the money on your own, but purchasing extra time allows you to save, apply for scholarships, or deduct part-time job earnings from your tuition.

Find out more about the government EQUIP program.

The Department of Education announced the Educational Quality through Innovation Partnerships (EQUIP) program in 2016. EQUIP is a pilot initiative that permits students, particularly low-income families, to receive government financial aid for nontraditional education programs such as coding bootcamps.

EQUIP students are eligible for federal help, including student loans and grants. If you’re a low-income student, you can be eligible for a Pell Grant for coding bootcamp. You may be eligible for federal aid benefits after graduation, such as forgiveness programs and income-driven repayment plans.

Make sure you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA for programming training is identical to the FAFSA for traditional colleges. The Department of Education has more information on EQUIP-eligible programs.

Take out a student loan from a private lender.

If you don’t qualify for government financial help, you can borrow money from a private lender to pay for school. Many regular banks and financial institutions refuse to lend money to students enrolled in unconventional programs, but some lenders specialize in coding bootcamps. 

Bootcamp lenders charge higher borrowing rates and have stricter repayment terms than federal lenders, and they are not eligible for IDR schemes. Furthermore, the loans might only cover the cost of tuition, so you’d have to come up with alternative means to meet living expenses.

If you take out a private loan and cannot find work after completing the program, you will still be responsible for repaying the debt. Before applying for a loan, make sure you examine your school’s job placement success rate, though you should also double-check that this is the career you want.

If you keep those cautions in mind, private student loans can be a great tool to help you receive the education you need to start your new job. While Pave, a bootcamp lender, is no longer in operation, lenders like GadCapital may be able to assist you in financing your training. Apply Now! https://gadcapital.com/cash-advance-online/

Consider a profit-sharing arrangement.

Another option for funding your education is an income-sharing arrangement (ISA). 

Some coding bootcamps will waive tuition for a limited time if you promise to repay a percentage of your salary after graduation.

An ISA could be beneficial if you earn a solid wage after graduation. However, if you don’t make a lot of money, transferring a portion of your paycheck to a coding bootcamp every month may be difficult. Earning a good living could mean repaying a student debt for more than you originally borrowed.

Fortunately, some colleges provide employment assurances, which might help you relax. Look at so-called “guaranteed-hire” schools.

Think about taking out a personal loan.

If you cannot use a student loan or an ISA, you may wish to consider obtaining a personal loan from a bank or financial institution. On the other hand, personal loans might have high repayment terms and short repayment periods, so make sure you can afford them before signing on.

If you don’t have a job or have bad credit, you may need a cosigner — a friend or relative with good credit and a steady income — to sign the loan application. 

Having a cosigner boosts your chances of getting a loan authorized and receiving a low-interest rate.

Look into schools that offer guaranteed employment.

Many coding bootcamps, such as the Flatiron School, pride themselves on the high quality of their curriculum. They’re so convinced of the value of what you’ll learn that they provide a tuition guarantee for some programs.

If you meet certain conditions, these colleges will repay your tuition payments if you do not find work within a specific term after graduation.

A tuition guarantee mitigates some of the risks of attending a coding bootcamp. 

You may rest assured that if the training fails to help you find work, you will not be out thousands of dollars.


Finding out how to receive student loans and pay for school if you’ve chosen to change careers can be difficult. Fortunately, the business is expanding, and more lenders are eager to engage with bootcamp graduates.

You can find a means to finance your education that meets your needs by researching and recognizing all of your alternatives.