Transferring files between your phone and PC is a pain, but the “Intel Unison” app fixes that problem

Transferring data between your phone and Windows is a pain in the back. Sure, there’s Phone Link, but let’s be honest, it takes a lot of work. Syncing between her phone and PC is slow and sometimes she doesn’t even show your incoming text messages.

Fortunately, Intel is introducing a new app called Unison, a platform that allows users to seamlessly connect their devices to their PC for a “universal, easy-to-use experience.” Don’t worry, iPhone users. You will not be left out here. android and iOS device owners can benefit from the Unison app.

What is Intel Unison?

According to a Intel’s September 27 press releaseUnison is an application that will allow users to pair their phones, whether iOS or Android, with their PC for the following processes:

  • Take phone calls. With Unison, users will have the ability to dial their contacts and receive voice calls directly from their PC
  • Have notifications. Phone notifications will appear on users PC through the Unison app to help users stay connected.
  • Interact with SMS. Users can receive and send text messages, so they don’t have to constantly switch between devices.
  • File transfer. Whether it’s a photo, video, or document, Intel says Unison allows users to seamlessly transfer files between their devices and PC.

When can you take advantage of Intel Unison? As it stands, the platform will only launch this year on 12th-gen processor-based Acer, HP, and Lenovo Intel Evo laptops. Intel added that it “will accommodate 13th Gen Intel Core-based designs from 2023.”

The chipset maker has promised to move to other form factors and operating systems in the future.

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