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Why download Visual Studio/VS Code from Microsoft Store?

Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman announced that Visual Studio Community 2019 and Visual Studio Code are now available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11.

The news came in an Aug. 24 tweet, in which Hanselman said the IDE and code editor are available in the store for Windows Insiders members, who get early access to preview builds.

Microsoft announced a store redesign in June when Windows 11 was introduced. ISV) to bring their applications whether or not they are built as Win32, Progressive Web App (PWA), or Universal Windows App (UWP) or any other application framework, creating an opportunity to achieve and interact with more people.

Of course, VS Code updates semi-automatically for most users who already have it and is readily available for download, much like Visual Studio’s flagship IDE, calling into question the benefits of a Microsoft Store download. .

One reader commented that the Store approach might be easier, at least for the Windows IDE: “While Visual Studio Code is generally a seamless and user-friendly/silent update, Visual Studio is not, it takes multiple clicks Next, Next, Next in Visual Studio Online Installer.”

Another reader also welcomed the news: “I’m not going to lie, when I saw my Windows 11 machine, I went to the Windows Store to download VSCode and I was sad that it was missing.”

Other ideas came in several comments responding to a reader who asked “Is there an advantage to installing them via the Windows Store rather than normally?“:

    • If there ever is a Windows 11 in S mode (I doubt that will happen), then you will be able to use them.
    • Some IT departments want to use MS Store only
    • Microsoft Store would finally thrive + if all the required apps came to store, it would be a security advantage.
  • Microsoft can claim that Store is the safest place to get ANY app. Application makers can provide a direct link of their application to the store, which is safer than downloading a random exe from the web. If successful, Mode S will finally make sense for general users
  • Convenience and Discovery
  • Probably faster auto-update in the background too, right?

Windows 10 S Mode is a simplified version of Windows 10 for security and performance, only allowing apps from the Microsoft Store and requiring Microsoft Edge for safe browsing. Microsoft documentation states that S mode is only supported on the Home edition of Windows 11.

Other readers of the tweet had unanswered questions at the time of this writing:

  • Will updates be handled through the store do we need the Visual Studio installer to update?
  • Will they come to the #MacAppStore?
  • Is there a significant/substantial difference between the two installation approaches?

As of this writing – a day after Hanselman’s tweet – the ad has garnered 633 likes, 148 retweets and 21 comments.

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